Vastu Tips

There can be several different looks to a dining hall- traditional, glamorous, romantic or modern, but there is one thing that remains the same. Every dining is (or rather should be) built according to the norms set by vastu for dining room. If the interiors of the area are not designed as per this system, your perfect space will transform into a depressing, bad-luck creator. Here are a few tips that will help you create an atmosphere which is not just perfect for meals but also for attracting prosperity and luck.

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Sitting Arrangement

  • The head of the family must always face east while eating.
  • The rest of the members can face north, east, or west.
  • Avoid the Southern direction.
  • Keep the number of dining chairs even to avoid dispute within the family members.
  • Avoid painting the walls white or black.
  • The dining table in the room must be rectangle or square.
  • Dining table must never stick to the wall.
  • The main entrance of the Dining Room and house must never face one another.
  • Pooja room/toilet door must not open right in front of the dining area.
  • Beautiful paintings and portraits hung inside the dining room create an atmosphere of pleasure and happiness.
  • As per vastu for dining room, the lighting in the room must be relaxed and easy.

The ideal direction for a kitchen is the Southeastern corner of a house. The second best choice is the Northwest of a house.

Type Best Direction Pointer
Entry door North, East, or West The kitchen door must not be in any of the corners.
Gas Cylinder Southeast Empty cylinders should be kept in the southwestern direction
Cooking Gas Southeast Corner
  • Gas stove must be a few inches away from the wall.
  • It must never be in front of the main door.
  • It should be placed in a way that the cook faces east when cooking.
Refrigerator Southeast, South, North or West
  • Refrigerator must never be in Northeastern direction.
  • If the refrigerator is placed in the southwestern direction, it must be a feet away from the corner.
Equipments(e.g.Heaters, Conventional ovens, Microwaves, ovens) Southeast or South Equipments must never be kept in the northeast portion.
Storing Racks Western or Southern wall Commodities such as, grain, pulses, and spices, must be stored in the west or south.
Sink North-East corner The water source such as, water filter or pitcher, should be kept in the northeast.
Windows and Exhaust fan East direction The bigger windows should always be constructed in the eastern direction, while smaller ones must be towards south.
Clocks South or Southwest Wall ——

The perfect location of a drawing room is essentially based on the direction your house faces, a drawing room can be in the central west, central east, and central south or central north of a house.

Accessories Best Direction As Per Vaastu
Telephone Southwast
Electrical Appliances Southeast
Furniture Southern And Western Corners
Showcase and Almirah Southwest Corner
Cooler or A.C West or North
Pictures depicting water bodies, Water Fountains, Aquariums North to East Area
Chandelier A little towards the west, never at the centre
Door East or North
Window East or North

You can buy carpets and rugs for your living room in colours pertaining to the direction you want to use them in: Placement Of Carpets And Rugs According To Vaastu For Drawing Room.

Planet Best Direction Colour
North North Yellow
Mercury Northeast Green
Moon Northwest Copper, White, Red
Venus Southeast Rainbow Colors
Mars South Dull or Pastel colors of Blue
Rahu Southwest Blue or Black
Saturn South Red
Sun East

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  • The furniture in the room must be rectangular or square.
  • Rectangle, square and round shapes are apt for the center table.
  • Make sure the furniture is a few inches away from the wall (it must not touch the wall)

Get close to God and declare your eternal love for him by creating a haven of serenity, love and tranquility in your house. Beautiful Pujaghars created according to vaastu can help the deity’s shine their guiding light on every area of our being and help us live a happy, positive and prosperous life. The best corner for a pooja room in a house is North-east. Apart from this, you can also opt for directions such as North and East for constructing a holy place.

Objects Inside A Pooja Room Best Direction Advice
Lamp stand or up-lighter South-East Corner A lamp according to vaastu for pooja room should always be right in front of the Idols.
Gas Cylinder Southeast Empty cylinders should be kept in the southwestern direction.
Almirah or show-case Southern or Western Wall Should be lower than the idols
Idols East or West
  • Height of the idols must not be less than 2″ and more than 9″.
  • Holy idols must never face south or north.
  • The idols must not be placed right in front of the entry.
  • The idols must never face each other
  • There should never be 2 idols of the same God in the room
  • Idols must be an inch away from the walls”
Doors and windows North or East
  • According to vaastu for windows and doors, puja room doors must always have two shutters
  • There should be no door closer
  • Doors must not open or close automatically
  • They must not be made of material such as iron or tin.
Homekund or Agnikund South-East direction The offerings to the fire must always be made with the person’s face towards east.
Mezzanine protruding out of the worship room West or South
Water body North or East
Puja Samigri South East
Alter North-East

Worshipping The Dieties

  • The members of the house should face east or north while worshipping.
  • People must never draw triangular patterns of Gods in the Pujaghar.
  • Uninterrupted chanting of the gods is very auspicious; it can be done by playing a cassette inside the pooja room.
  • One must never enter a pooja room without taking bath.

Things To Avoid According To Vaastu For Pooja Room

  • Pujaghar must never be in the bedroom.
  • A Puja room must never be in the southern direction.
  • There should be no toilet above, below or adjacent to the worship room.
  • The Idols brought in the despoiled form from temples must never be kept in the pooja room.
  • No idol in the pujagjar must be in a desecrated form.
  • No heavy articles should be hoarded in the pooja room.
  • Valuable items such as jewelry or money must never be kept hidden inside the worship room.
  • The worship room must not be made above gas stoves or electrical appliances.
  • As also mentioned in Vaastu for garden, Tulsi (Basil Plant) must be planted in the house.

A bathroom is, hands down, one of the most important rooms in a pad. However, most people are completely ignorant of the intricate rules that govern this particular space. Putting in a humble amount of effort to rebuild a lavatory according to vaastu for bathroom will reap several rewards for you, and may even make it your new sanctuary, after the bedroom!

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Auspicious Directions For Various Bathroom Accessories

Accessories Direction
Mirror North
Taps and showers North
Toilet West or Northwest (a couple of feet above the ground)
Geyser, switchboard, other electrical equipments Southeast corner
Southeast corner
Bathtub West
Sink North , East or Northeast
Overhead tank Northwest
Drainage system Northeast
Windows or ventilators East or the north
Changing room South or West
Door East
Window East or North

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The evolutionary transition of our society from ‘traditional’ to ‘modern’ has led to some drastic changes in house structures and designing. One of such changes is the invention of septic tanks. Septic tanks are economical, environmentally friendly and effective private sewage treatment plants. However, like every other component of a house structure, they too must be built according to vaastu for septic tank.

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  • Septic tank must never face north east, south-east, or south west corner.
  • It should not directly touch the compound wall. In fact the tank must be at least two feet away from the wall.
  • If there is a scarcity of space, the tank must be in the northern corner of west. However, make sure that the tank is at least two feet away from the wall of your compound.
  • As per vaastu for septic tank, the length of the tank must be in the east-west, while the breadth should be in the south-north.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You should never have outlets in the south. However, in case the vent is in the southern direction it must be turned to north or east.
  • Bathroom and kitchen pipes must have their outlets in the north or east direction.
  • The bathroom pipes and toilet pipes must be diverted to the north-west or west direction.
  • The gutter can be in any other direction except for south.
  • Pipes that come from the upper floor must never be in the south-west corner.
  • The garage must always be built in the southeast or northwest of a house.
  • When designing a garage make sure at least three feet of walking space is left inside after the car is parked. This ensures free movement of air and light.
  • The car shed must never touch the compound wall or building.
  • Preferably, the garage gate should face east or north. It is important to make sure that the height of the gate is not more than the height of the main gate of the house (affixed at the compound wall). Also, the gate must open freely, without any obstruction.
  • Trash or inflammable material must never be stored inside a garage.
  • The floor in the garage should slope towards the eastern or northern direction.

Car Parking

  • If you place your car in the west side of a northwest located garage, you will undergo a lot of traveling.
  • If a car is parked in the southwestern corner, it will require slight repair work on a regular basis.
  • Never park a car in the northeastern direction. This is because northeast is where the heavenly forces flow; a parked car would block these forces. However, at the same time, if the garage is in the basement, parking in the northeastern side is permitted.
  • A garage located in the southwest would mean rare usage of the vehicle and constant repairing.
  • When parking, always park the vehicle with its front facing east or north. This will guarantee that the vehicle would never get worked up.
  • If you park the car facing west or south side, possibilities are that the car will face fire hazards.

The smallest of articles can make a huge difference in the way your luck runs for you. Doors and windows are not merely passages for insulation or for people to enter but are also gateways for positive and negative energies to come into the house. If a window is designed incorrectly in the wrong direction, it can pave way for the negative energies to come in and spell disaster for the inhabitants. Conversely, if the doors and windows are constructed in the right direction, they can bring in a lot of prosperity and luck.

This is also agreed to by Braunth Sanhita, which in one excerpt says-

“Mool Dwaaram Naanayyarabhisanthathi Roopdurya, Gatpal Patra Pramathibhishch Thanmadulau shrich nuyath”
Translation: The main door of a residence must be bigger than any other door in the house. Also, it must be more beautiful compared to the others. This helps bring in luck and prosperity.

Here are a few tips which need to be kept in mind when designing the doors and windows according to vaastu for house:

  • According to vaastu for house structure, a house must at all times have even numbers of windows and doors (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc).
  • When fixing the windows and doors, it is important to keep cross-ventilation in mind. Also, it’s essential to fix windows and doors opposite to one another to allow more light and air to enter.
  • Doors must never be placed at the center of a wall.
  • South facing houses must have north facing entrances so that they fall at the eastern half.
  • North facing houses must have north facing entrances so that they fall at the eastern half of the side.
  • West facing houses must have their entrance towards West, to make sure the main door falls at the Northern half of the side.
  • West facing houses must have their entrance towards West, to make sure the main door falls at the Northern half of the side.
  • The entrance for east facing houses must be fixed towards East, to make sure the main door falls towards the Northern half of the side.
  • The main gates of two houses facing each other must never open towards each other. Doors such as these are very inauspicious.
  • Teak is the best wood for making doors and windows.
  • Square or uneven furnishing articles must be avoided.
  • All the windows must have symmetry and must be proportionate in height.
  • There must be absolutely no obstruction, such as plants, Temple, staircases, and the like, in front of the main entrance.
  • Construct doors in the beginning and end of a staircase. For detailed information on this topic visit vaastu for staircase.
Starting sound of a person’s Name Main door’s Direction
A, I, O, U North or West
Ka, Gh North
Ch, Ja North or West
Ta, Da West
Tha, Dha, Na East or North
Pa, Pha, Ba, Bha, Ma North
Ya, Ra, La, Va South or North
Sa, Sha, Ha East

Doorway constructed at the eastern direction is very auspicious. However, you can also construct entrances in the western and northern side. An entry in the southern direction is not suitable.

Your Final Score – Add all the points you’ve attained to arrive at your Final Score.

The total points you earn are rated as following:

  • 90 points : Excellent
  • 70-89 points : Very Good
  • Up to 40 points : Good

If your score is up to 40 or less, contact a vaastu specialist and get the “doshas” fixed immediately. Remember, the solution does not always lie in selling the plot; you can get the problems repaired through easy remedies prescribed by a consultant who is proficient in vaastu for plots. Good luck!

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A staircase must always be built in the western or southern part of the house. Make sure it’s not constructed in the northeast corner, as that could lead to financial losses for the owner.

Tips According To Vaastu For Staircase

  • Always begin your stairs from north to south or east to west. A turn can also be taken to other sides, in case there is a lack of space.
  • Stairs must always have an odd number and the number must never end with a zero.
  • The vertical set of stairs should also have an odd number and when divided by three their remnant must be two.
  • Never make circular staircases as they have the ability to cause bad health. Also, a staircase encircling the building can lead to severe calamites.
  • The room which has a staircase in the southwest corner of a basement is not auspicious. As per vaastu, people living in a room such as this experience high blood pressure, undiagnosed diseases, anemia and the like.
  • Construct doors at the end and beginning of each staircase. Also, it’s important to make sure the stairs don’t touch the northern or eastern walls.
  • Try constructing staircases in such a way that stairs are not openly visible to the visitors. Directly visible stairs are thought to be inauspicious.

Special attention should be paid for the following aspects

  • The sloping of floors should be towards East, North and North-East, More open space should be left in the East and North side.
  • Building’s height can be equal in all sides, otherwise South and Western sides should not be taller in height as compared to East and North.
  • Well, bore well, underground reservoir, sink, pools, swimming pools etc. should be located in North-East or Eastern zone .
  • Overhead water tank may be erected in South West, South or West. Its height should be more than that of buildings height in North East corner.
  • Toilets may be placed in North West or South East.
  • Weigh bridge or weighing machines may be placed in North West or Central East.
  • Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trolleys or cranes etc, should be on the roads outside or if it is to be inside, they should be parked in South West zone.
  • Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in North West, North or East side of buildings.
  • Lawns with big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides.
  • Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees) can be developed in North East, North and East also.
  • Administrative and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East, South or South West keeping the heights of these buildings lower than that of main factory.
  • Staff quarters may be built on East without touching East wall, in North, West or South East. Multi storied flats may be constructed in South zone without touching main factory building.
  • Staff canteen may be placed in South East.
  • Guard Room should be placed near gates in such an advantageous position so that the guards can see approaching persons, vehicles etc. without any obstruction. North East direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin. For East facing gate the security office should be on South East side of gate, and for North facing gate it should be on North West side.
  • Time office should be placed near gate for entry for workers but not in the South direction.
  • Heavy plants and machineries should be erected in West, South and South West zones leaving the North West and South East corners.
  • Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools can be placed in Eastern and Northern sides except in North East, North West and South East corners.
  • Generator, boilers, ovens, oil fired or electric furnaces, switch gears, capacitors, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in South East.
  • Heavy raw materials stores may be placed in South West, South or West.
  • Semi processed materials can be stocked in South or West sides.
  • Finished goods stores, packing and forwarding can be in North West, in East or South East. North West is preferable.
  • Maintenance workshop may be in South, South West avoiding North East and centre. Maintenance and consumable stores should be nearer to the workshop.
  • A temple (even a small will do) in the North East corner should be built and maintained neat and clean.
  • Toilets in the administrative building or in other parts of factory or mill should be made in South East or North West area and if septic tank is to be built for that purpose, it should be built in between North and North West or between East and South East.

Vaastu Shastra is the involvement of various principles in the construction of building and the way of living with peace in nature along with the environment, by equalizing the natures five elements namely Space, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Vaastu Shastra can also be referred to as the SCIENCE OF DIRECTIONS that integrates all five nature’s elements and counterweights with man and material.

NW(North West)

  • Display
  • Marketing Department
  • Communication items
  • Telephone etc.
  • Computer room
  • Toilet
  • Ready Goods


  • Basement
  • Entrance
  • Accounts Department

NE(North East)

  • Waiting Room
  • Reception
  • Basement
  • Temple
  • Entrance and place more windows


  • Show case
  • Exhibits
  • Toilet
  • Storage

Brahma Sthan Free and Open Space


  • Ideal for Entrance
  • Salesman facing east or north
  • Admin Department
  • Basement
  • Should be kept high & Heavy
  • Ideal place for Chief of Organisation/showroom
  • Important Documents

SW(South West)

  • Place for Heavy Storage
  • Place for Deputy in charge


  • Place for Electricity, gadgets
  • Purchase Department

SE(South East)

“Not withstanding this, in spite of our confidence in the veracity of the statements made herein, we strongly urge you to consult a competent vastu consultant for all of your specific vastu needs. As such any independent decisions taken solely on the basis of the website are entirely at your own risk and cost. Vasstu Vigyan in totality as an organisation or as a person will not be responsible for any consequences thereof nor we shall be accountable for your own interpretations.”

Be it home or office, Factory or a commercial block, Office or apartment, Plot or a layout Vaastu Shastra is known to reward the follower the benefits and protection from ill effects in Life. Vaastu Shastra is a rational science like any other science, based on cause and effects.