Geopathic Stress

Geo biology studies the effects of earth energies on living organisms. Typically, these energies are naturally occurring electromagnetic radiations of the planet either in their natural state or altered as they radiate through faults, caves, mineral deposits, decaying matter, underground water, sewers, excavations, man-made structures, power stations, substations, quarries and physical or psychic pollution among others. Inherently, these energies are neither negative nor positive but their effect on us and other animals can be a very negative one. The plant kingdom is similarly affected in either a negative or positive way. These detrimental energies are collectively called geopathic stress.

We are mirrors of the earth; we’re made of the same matter, bioelectric and therefore possess an energy field which, among other things, reflects our state of health. Affect the energy field and you affect the health of the individual. When the earth says “jump” our bodies say “how high” whether we are aware of it or not.
Geopathic stress is found in every home, business, property, farm, forest or wilderness area virtually everywhere on earth. It is to the extent of the various energies, geology and local history that make an area either more or less stressed. While these energies do not inherently cause disease their effects can certainly mimic the symptoms of various physical and mental illnesses and retard the healing process. It is generally agreed that spending long stretches of time in their path, especially where they overlap and intersect one another, severely stresses the immune system allowing disease to take hold. Sleeping, working or living over such energies day after day will lead to health problems.

Signs of Geopathic Stress

  • Have “never felt right” or you and/or family members beset by illness or lack of harmony after moving into a new home.
  • In Bed – grinding/clenching of teeth at night, nightmares, night sweats, restlessness, insomnia, shallow or groggy unrefreshing sleep, bedwetting, sleepwalking, children that repeatedly sleep on a certain spot or area of the bed.
  • Children that really are afraid of the dark, refuse to sleep in their room, cry every night at bedtime or are always bickering or fighting. Babies that cry all the time, especially in the crib. Children are particularly affected by geopathic stress.
  • Sudden dread or relief thereof when walking from one room to another.
  • Anxiety or nervousness for no particular reason.
  • Depression, lack of motivation, unexplained sadness or melancholy.
  • Medical treatments, conventional or alternative, not fully effective.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Sudden signs of physical ageing.
  • Wasting diseases.
  • Surrounding neighbors beset by illnesses.
  • Moss or fungi on the house or in the yard. Dead spots in the yard or hedges.
  • Trees with twisted trunks and/or canker. Trees that excessively lean for no other reason. Most fruit trees will fail to thrive.

The tree on the left is growing over the crossing of two underground streams, one 8′ wide and the other 4′ wide. It is twisted in an attempt to move away from the water’s energy (as is the cherry tree pictured at the top of this page). It also has canker as a result of this negative energy. The tree on the right is 10 yards away where there is no underground water. The grass on the right looks like it has lawnmower stripes but is actually striped with bright green lawn moss. These stripes mark the path of a 17′ wide aquifer 93′ below the surface.

Moles typically follow geopathic stress lines when burrowing. These molehills trace an underground stream 4′ wide and 36′ below the surface.

Illnesses in stabled livestock. In the field, most animals will naturally avoid areas of geopathic stress. Animals penned over these zones will likely suffer ill health. For centuries it was a regular practice to enlist a dowser to select sites for barn and home building or to clear such structures of harmful energies.
Excessive barking or “escape artist” dogs. Geopathic stress is very distressing to dogs and they will always avoid it whenever they can. Cats, however, are drawn to this energy and seek it out.
Cracks in foundations, sidewalks, driveways or windows.
Accident-prone areas in the home, business, stretches of road or intersections. The presence of these energies, especially where they intersect and overlap, can cause brain fog leading to accidents as well as mechanical and electrical breakdowns.
A feeling of being watched.

Hartmann Grid

Discovered by physician and dowser Dr. Ernst Hartmann, these energy lines generally run from south to north every 6.5 feet and west to east every 8 feet. They are thought to be naturally occurring earth energies that snap into a grid formation due to the interaction of how we produce and distribute AC electricity on the planet. These are found everywhere but the most remote and primitive places and where they intersect is particularly unhealthy for us. They are linked to cramps, inflammations and rheumatism.

Curry Grid
Discovered by Dr’s Curry and Whittman, these energy lines run from SE to NW and SW to NE and are approximately 12 feet apart. These are found everywhere and their intersections are also very unhealthy for us. They are linked to inflammations, proliferation of cell growth, sleep and nervous disorders.

Underground Water
Flows in totally random directions and generates powerful radiant energies that are very harmful to us. Water flowing through rock, earth or pipes creates a strong electromagnetic field at its center and along the edges which radiate upward through earth’s surface. These energies have a powerful effect on our nervous system and physical body and sleeping over them can induce nightmares, insomnia, teeth grinding/clenching, depression, night sweats, headaches, anxiety and much more. Where underground streams cross the effect is magnified as this crossing produces a counter-clockwise rotation of electromagnetic radiation that is extremely detrimental to your health. If the water is polluted the effects are much worse.
As water so readily responds to thought (see the work of Dr. Emoto), it is no wonder that we, also, respond to it. In my experience, a stream 1″ wide and 350′ deep generates an energy field strong enough to induce nightmares, insomnia and night sweats if sleeping over them. Underground water crossing any geopathic zone will amplify the harmful effects considerably. Earthquakes and logging can redirect underground streams almost instantly.

Black Streams
This is underground water that has been subjected to rotting vegetation, urban runoff, pollution of any kind, psychic disturbances, sour land, etc. Water is like a tape recorder; everything that happens to it is stored and in turn radiates an energy field reflecting the experience. It creates an energy field truly counter to our well-being considerably more powerful than water alone.

Fault Lines
Radiate noxious energies having many of the above-mentioned negative effects. Here on the West Coast they are everywhere.

Personal Zones
Energy lines specific to your particular frequency. These generally induce health related symptoms. Your pets can also be affected by their own personal zones.

Interference Zones – These fall into the categories of physical, mental or spiritual disturbances. Physically they can induce a whole host of reactions from sneezing attacks to anxiety. They can also include impediments to success, relationships, home businesses, problems with neighbors, spiritual development and more.

Energy Leys – Often referred to as Ley Lines, although there is a difference between the two. Energy leys are very powerful energy systems thought to originate in the cosmos and enter the earth where primary water (water not part of the hydrological cycle) is found then traverse the landscape. They are thought to exit the earth somewhat similarly. In this vein it is believed that they are a connection between the heavens and earth. Another view is that they are a product of the enormous energies produced within the earth itself that exit and enter the surface at certain points (such as where primary water is found) creating a local and global network. Perhaps it is a combination of the two.

Non beneficial energies cause the depletion of human energy field or the aura and reduces it within a few inches in the physical body. The auraic field of a healthy person ranges up to several inches in the body. Many research has been conducted by Kamal, in India regarding the noxious zones and the correlation between them. The zones can be cleared with various remedies and they do not affect plants, animals, people or any appliances now.

Whenever I go to someone’s house for noxious zones, I always ask for a hand drawn map so that I can dowse the information beforehand. I can feel the presence of other energies present in the site. There may also be negative influences that I can feel. Negative influences refer to those thought forms or energies which have elemental intelligence and they affect the people negatively and hamper their ability to become express their own self.
They are typically 5.5 to 6ft. wide although they can be much wider. I have observed some that start out about a foot wide and expand to five feet or so over the course of a few days. Some have been here for thousands of years and others may come and go spontaneously. They can be a few miles or thousands of miles long and are often referred to or likened to our own bodily meridian system that is used in applying acupuncture. They are thought to be the earth’s neural network. The energy they radiate can be positive or negative relative to how they make us feel physically, mentally or spiritually.
Positive leys, especially where and how they cross, are more uplifting and spiritual while negative ones are more oppressing and agitating. Where underground water and energy leys cross the combined effects of each are amplified greatly. They powerfully affect our spiritual being, can be interacted with and attract spirits and other entities to their unique, radiant energy. Indeed, they are referred to as “Spirit Paths” by Native American cultures. Intersecting energy leys also serve as portals for inter dimensional beings.
Power spots are located where energy leys enter or exit the earth, mostly where they cross primary water. While positive leys may be well suited for a place of contemplation or meditation, they are typically much too powerful to have in your home, office or business. Virtually all ancient monuments, megalithic structures and historical sites of religious or spiritual importance are built or located on these unique crossings. That being said, there are structures that can be built that, with intent, can draw both energy leys and water to them.

The Geopatic Stress Harmonizer will neutralize all of these geopathic stresses within a home or property in a matter of moments. By Sri Kamal