Vastu for Homes and Apartments

Be it individual home or apartment, plot or a layout Vastu Shastra is known to reward the follower the benefits and protection from ill effects in Life. Vastu Shastra is a rational science based on cause and effects.

Vastu for Offices and Workers

There are a ton of inherent rewards if a worker decides to follow vastu shastra for office in his everyday life. Change your work routine according to Vastu to make situations turn in your favor.

Vastu for Factories

Vastu Shastra is the involvement of various principles in the construction of factories and the way of living with peace in nature along with the environment, by equalizing the natures five elements.

About the Founder

Sri Kamal is a Vastu Expert, Reiki Grand Master, Astro Numerologist and Philanthropist, renewed Occultist and a person of diversified Interests. A post graduate and having worked for renowned companies, presently Entrepreneur and Chairman of Vaastu Vigyan and Reiki Rays. From childhood, he was inclined towards Spirituality and Occult Science and a firm believer in Vastu Shastra and Rudraksha Power.

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Why Choose Us?

We give simple, powerful, logical solutions for all your vastu related problem with minimum or no alterations to your existing structure.

Scientific Vastu solutions

Vastu is as scientific as modern rockets are backed with complete logic and explanation. We at Vaastuvigyan don’t believe in superstitions instead give a complete logical and acceptable solutions.


Vastu is a complete science and there is no need for structural changes always, simple remedies in our daily lives can give us the benefits we wish for. We give solutions with No/Minor structural changes.


We take our clients and their problems very seriously and put in our best efforts to suggest and implement a remedy. Please read our testimonials to get a greater taste of our work, result and commitment.

Our Services


The Significance of numbers has enthralled human being, only few have been able to understand its true significance. Success and wealth is possible through numerology as numbers have a definite rhythm.


Stars Do Govern us.”Yes they do , no matter what some men with limited knowledge tell us. Astrology and Numerology are very precise science. Here you can find details of available Astrology services.


Continual Influence of the heavenly bodies in space affects our life, luck and personality in many ways. Influence of these heavenly bodies, when on the wrong side binds us down resulting in our actions get thwarted.


Rudraksha has been used by saints & sages, the achievers and the royalties Since the time immemorial for spirituality, good health and to achieve success”.

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What Our Client Says

It has been 3 months I met Kamal uncle and since then a lot of positive changes have happened to me!!! His astrological prediction and advice Is to the point and very accurate. Kamal uncle is very different from the commercial astrologers who come in the television. Once you reach him, he spends a lot of time,listens to you and genuinely cares for you..I would say this is a place for people seeking genuine advice and solutions! I also did the level 1 2 reiki workshop which helped me de stress and fight my fears and also most importantly I started to love myself!!! Any problem I have the first person who comes to my mind is Kamal uncle! Thank you Kamal uncle and Asha aunty!

Sonika R

Hi, I am overwhelmed with joy and want to share my personal experience with the effectiveness of reiki done by Sir. My father is a chronic asthma patient for last 30 years and only 25 percent of his lung works according to medical report. After going through the best treatment done in Chennai there was no such improvement and he has to take lot and lot of medicines daily. Then my father got the opportunity to go through 7 days reiki session by Sir in last December. Today, finally I have received vast medical test report and doctor said that finally there is improvement in my father’s lung and health condition. It’s me and my entire family has no words to thank Sir for his blessed reiki session.

Soumitra Roy

I met Kamal sir more than a year ago for various issues I was facing. Since then he has been a guiding force to my family& myself. His predictions and solutions are very precise. He does not follow the regular preaching method, rather he provides knowledge to understand the situation and coaches us to analyze & handle them, which is the best part I have liked. Together Kamal Sir and Asha Mam are a great support and loving people. Thanks for being there for me!!


Kamal Ji is an expert in what he does. He is NOT the kind who will say anything to just please you. He is someone who is not scared to call a spade, a spade! Extremely satisfied with his services and his suggestions worked 100% for me and my family. Above all, hes a great human being too.


I would like to share my experience on this public platform of consultation taken from Sri Kamal Ji of Vaastu vIgyan. I had approached him for multiple problem I was facing since. We shifted to our new flat and never trusted on Vaastu. One of my friend suggested me Sri Kamal Ji`s name… after meeting him I understood how nature effects our lifes and about five elements, whih if not balanced at home raises many problems. He is a patience listener and explained every thing in scientific manner. I took his advise and also reiki sessions . which gave me results with in 2 months. Excellent person very scientific. Thank you sir Sri Kamal for all you guidance.

Sandhya V


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